matterhorn-diamondsy So you’re on holiday and you’ve made to the ski resort, it’s time to relax. Down at the breakfast table, enjoying the view as you look outside at the snow covered trees, and the blue skies above, someone says, “so what’s the plan for today?” Blankly you look around.. “same as yesterday, at least we know where we’re going?.. “; groans emanate from around the table..

Desperate for some inspiration, you grab the piste map. “We could ski over to the next valley? But then we have to watch the time so we don’t miss the last connection back..” All of a sudden that nice relaxed feeling starts to fade…

1-matterhorn-diamonds-7417 The trouble with booking an instructor for the day is that it feels like an additional superfluous expense on an already luxuriously pricey holiday, and the benefits of an instructor appear, at first glance negligible. If you already know how to ski, what’s the point?

However, with an experienced instructor who knows the area like that back of his or her hand, the upsides are myriad. Firstly it takes all the stress out of planning the day; you no longer need to keep an eye on time, your instructor has that covered, and you don’t need to keep checking the map, unless you want to; your instructor will guide you round the so you can sit back, as it were, and enjoy the surroundings.

2 You’ve basically got a local for the day, so take advantage! Find out where the best snow to ski in the morning, how to avoid the late slush filled afternoon pistes, and get for some tips on how to ski that slush! Your instructor will also be able to take you to the ideal lunch spot; whether it’s the cafe with the amazing Rösti or the restaurant with the to-die-­for view over the valley, and they can book you the table from which you can best enjoy it!

3 If you have family and children with you; so if you want a longer relaxing lunch, let the instructor take the strain; they can take the kids out for a blast in the afternoon and bring them back home at the end of the day.

Lastly, you have the chance to pick up a few new skills. Better technique will mean less tired legs, especially when it comes to the more challenging aspects of skiing like bumps, off piste or even skiing on ice.

And let’s face it, you’re less likely to have a domestic if there’s a third party there, think of your instructor like the Dalai Lama of chairlifts..! So for peace of mind, new skills, and a relaxing day, getting an instructor can be just the ticket!

_20p0469 With thanks for this blog to Matterhorn Diamonds, a highly reputable ski school in Zermatt. Offering freeride, freestyle, telemark, and both adult and children’s ski lessons with instruction in English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

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