There is an increasing trend showing for ski chalet rentals that reduce a traveller’s carbon footprint and enable people to stay in luxurious surroundings but still remain environmentally friendly. On the Ski In Luxury portfolio we have a number of eco friendly ski chalets, but let’s shine the spotlight on one of the newcomers that was introduced to us for the 2017 ski season….we welcome the Eco Lodge in Chamonix.

Last season we wrote a blog on Eco Friendly Ski Chalets featuring the Chalet Dalmore in Chamonix. This season, Chamonix has seen the introduction of a new “rival” environmentally friendly ski chalet in the Eco Lodge which, as it’s name suggests, has been built with green technology and is fully self-sufficient and able to fully power itself with its advanced renewable energy system.

Eco lodge is located in the prestigious hamlet of les Nants, just 1km from Chamonix centre. Set back and up from the main road, Eco Lodge enjoys a quiet and private position and features a wonderful south sunny exposure with some of the most spectacular views on offer within the Chamonix Valley.

Let’s take a look at the key features that make the property one of the leading environmentally friendly ski chalets in the Alps….


# 1 – ‘Tight Envelope’

The chalet is built to the ‘passiv haus’ standard, meaning it has minimal air leakage. This is accomplished through tight seals, no holes, and super insulation. In most areas of the chalet the insulation is 60cm thick, but in some it’s even thicker.


#2 – ‘Double Flux Ventilation’

Because there is almost zero transfer of air into and out of the house, the owner installed a double flux ventilation system. This brings fresh air into the house, which is then warmed or cooled by the air that is being pushed out of the house, without using heating or cooling.


The above two steps drop the heating and cooling needs of the house by more than 70%.

# 3 – Geo-Thermal Heating

We drilled 3 30 metre vertical shafts in front of the chalet to run pipes down into.  The pipes pick up the ground heat which is a permanently around 6-7 degrees Celsius. The heat exchanger in the technical room, by using compression (not flames from gas or oil, or coils from electricity), warms this up to the desired temperature for hot water, and underfloor heating. This pump system uses about 25% of the energy that a conventional heating system would use.

# 4 – Solar Thermal Heating

The geo thermal system is augmented with solar thermal heating panels on the garage. When the sun is shining, the solar thermal panels provide hot water for almost zero energy use.


# 5 – Photovoltaic Solar Panels

On the roof of the chalet there are solar panels that generate all of the necessary electricity. They produce enough power to make the chalet net zero emissions.

# 6 – Energy Efficient Appliances

All appliances are the most energy efficient on the market, usually A+++.  Most appliances are Miele because they often make the most efficient appliances, with the  exception being the refrigerator, which is Liebherr. They made the most efficient fridge at that time and hence the reason for the owner’s choice. Even the hot tub is one of the most energy efficient available.


# 7 – LED Lighting

Almost every lighting fixture in the chalet is LED.  LED lights use 90% less energy than conventional lights.

# 8 – Underfloor Heating

The whole chalet features underfloor heating. The combination of the tight envelope and the underfloor heating means the house is able to maintain a constant temperature without needing bursts of heating.

Eco Lodge has been incredibly successful in the first season on the luxury chalet rental market with only two weeks remaining available. The standard of service and the quality of catering is of an exceptional standard and so it is easy to see why the chalet is so well booked.

Don’t miss out on one of these weeks and enjoy an eco friendly ski holiday in stunning surroundings at Eco Lodge in Chamonix:

  • 12th – 19th March at € 12,000 Euros
  • 9th – 16th April at € 10,000 Euros

The prices include a full gourmet catered service for up to 10 people. An in-resort chauffeur on hand to whisk you from one ski area to the next, and a professional team in place to ensure that your luxury ski holiday goes without a hitch.

Please contact one of our team by email or call +44 1202 203650 to discuss your requirements and to book this fabulous eco friendly ski chalet.