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As part of my job, I am regularly testing  the chalets we promote. I know… It’s a tough job… but someone has to do it…

During my last trip to Klosters and Davos, in the Swiss Alps, I was invited to conduct a thorough assessment of the alpine  retreat that is Chalet Eugenia in Klosters. Holger, a German gentleman and his colleague Mark, a keen Swiss skier, were my two partners in crime over the next few days, guiding me around the beautiful Swiss lands of Heidi.


Only a few ski slopes away from Austria, Klosters and Davos are the snow playground of the royals, the Hollywood gratin and the WEF participants amongst many other guests… Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous on a vintage chair lift is only the beginning of the luxury available in Davos and Klosters, the two sisters that saw the birth of winter sports.

The journey started as I landed, ironically enough. Holger, grabbed my suitcase and whisked me away to the centre of Zurich for a lunch bite a la Suisse! Goat cheese starters, Beef Rosselini and a brownie later I was found sipping champagne in a Mercedes on my way to the village of Klosters. This season Queen Snow is making herself desirable taking her time to visit our hills, but not tonight! The sky looked like the clouds had been shredded like a white truffle over our heads with flakes as big as my eyes plummeting over our coats… Magic was in the air….

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Arriving at the Chalet was somewhat a fairy tale scene. The staff had lit a crackling camp fire and welcomed us with a lovely cup of spicy mulled wine. The smiles on their faces called the week ahead… We were going to be pampered, wined and dined but mostly treated like royalty!

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By the time I had finished my cuppa, and was handed yet another flute of champagne, my suitcase was already waiting for me in my room. A room with the most beautiful valley views my eyes could ever witness came the morning. The sound of singing flames and the aroma of burnt logs had invaded the wooden chalet and I was somehow transported right into Heidi’s alpine clogs.

Oscar, our Maitre d’hôtel was at every rendez-vous. He knew what we needed even before we did… His skills, professionalism and passion for his job was refreshing and particularly enticing. From breakfast to diner, Oscar was always available for any and every request. When Mark and Holger took me skiing on the Jakobshorn mountains, we came back exhausted, and opening the door, Oscar was there, with his legendary smile and a hot cup of herbal tea ready to fix us up… When we left to visit the studio of Christian Bolt, the famous Klosters’ based sculptor, he was at the chalet helping us in the car, but by the time we arrived at the studio he was there, with a huge smile, a flute of champagne and delish trout mousses and various canapés… What can one ask more than this? Oscar and his team have made my stay, not only for the incredible journey my pallet took during the amazing diners, but also by the constant presence he offered making me feel like my holiday would never end without forgetting the mountain of chocolates my pillow encountered on the last night, for this Oscar I say chapeau!

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The staff at Eugenia invited me to walk down the same stairs the previous owner, a wealthy German Baron, had walked countless times to be greeted by the new owners, Gloria and Rolf. Gloria has designed the interior of the chalet herself, and it is clear that she has put her heart and soul to create the palpable aura Eugenia oozes. Gloria has selected and handpicked each and every artefact present in the chalet from the master suite fine arts to the kitchen knives. Her taste is undeniable and it is clear that she has given the passion of her husband Rolf a distinctive existence from saddle ashtrays to carved horses dispersed around the many coves of the alpine lodge. Rolf is a keen horseman, owning a few stallions in his name, and his equestrian worship is evident throughout the property. Both talked to me passionately about the property, but it is how Eugenia came their way that is the real the fairy tale.


Gloria and Rolf were visiting friends in Davos when Rolf heard of a beautiful chalet for sale. He investigated throughout the stay and just as they were leaving he turned to his wife with his legendary adventurous grin and said: “I think I know where the chalet is…” Gloria knew at that point that nothing could stop her husband as he engaged in a windy road across the cow fields. His flare was accurate and a few seconds later, he and Gloria were facing Eugenia, standing proud amongst the pine trees. Rolf got out of his car and eagerly knocked on the door… The Baron was away… “Come back tomorrow” said the chalet manager, so Rolf did, extending his stay in the resort. The rest is history, Gloria, Rolf and Eugenia fell in love with each other, Gloria gave Eugenia a new unique look and Rolf started thinking about his future with Eugenia making plans for an infinity pool and a couple of annexes.

If you would like a taste of my experience, Chalet Eugenia is available to rent throughout the year.


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